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Sprawled over ten acres and covered in a patriotic blanket of red, white, and blue, Independence Park is a vibrant and democratic representation of the United States’ history, culture, and values. Located in Houston, Texas, the park serves as a place for locals and visitors to enjoy the sunshine, relax in the shade of the many trees, and feel nostalgic for America’s founding fathers. Learn more here.

Independence Park was developed in October of 1954 and was founded to accommodate Houston’s growing population. Over the past sixty years, the public recreational park has been used for many activities and occasions. From small family reunions and large corporate gatherings to Fourth of July parades and concerts, the grounds at Independence Park provide an ideal backdrop for an incredible holiday experience and a dynamic celebration of US patriotism. Learn more about Hunters Trail Park in Houston, TX: Exciting recreational activities.

The main focal point of Independence Park is the civic plaza, where the yearly Fourth of July festivities begin. Here, people gathered to witness a two-hour program of concerts and speeches and pay tribute to America’s significance as a nation. Other central locations within the park include the monument of President John F. Kennedy, whose life and legacy are aggrandized in a beautifully crafted bronze sculpture.

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